Maysville, KY

I'm looking for a place to hold my reception and possibly a caterer. I'm getting married near Maysville, KY and there isn't many choices since I'm getting married in October. I want something that has an intimate setting and I'm going for the simple elegance theme. I found a couple of places, but they don't have websites to check out before I drive down there. Any help would be great. Thanks Guys!

Re: Maysville, KY

  • How many people are you expecting?  The Washington Opera House is lovely!
  • The Opera House is beautiful and the man in charge is very helpful.  Their website is  The Limestone Center and Maysville Conference Center are also very nice and wouldn't require much decorating.  We are getting married in Maysville this summer and quickly realized the same thing - not many choices!  Since we are going to have a fairly large amount of guests, we decided to rent the St. Patrick gymnasium.  But I've also been to really great receptions at the old Jockey building (owned by Mason Co. Schools, so you won't be able to serve alcohol) and at the Country Club.  Hope this helps, if you have any other questions about vendors in the area, I'd be glad to share!
  • We finally decided to do the reception at the church where we are getting married because it was more convenient.
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