Vendor Reviews Lexington/Georgetown

Georgetown Baptist Church                                      Rating:  F

I selected this church because I liked the stain glass windows and I wanted a church close to my venue for the reception. It was very expensive and I was required to pay a janitor even after the rehearsal, even though there was no food or drink present. The lady that I initially booked the church through, quit about 6 months before my wedding, so anytime I would call with a question no one was able to help me. I was always told that someone would call me back after they found out the correct response, which of course never happened. Also, when I initially booked the church I was told that the sound system fee would be waived since I only needed one microphone. Two days before the wedding, the church calls to inform me that I have yet to pay the sound system fee. The lady from the church was extremely rude and derogatory. I would never recommend this church and encourage all brides to steer clear of this one.

Heather ransdell photography                       Rating: A+

Heather and her husband were amazing! For our engagement pictures we wanted train tracks and so she spent weeks before our shoot searching out different places. The engagement session turned out amazing! She has such a sweet personality and is so easy going that she is a joy to work with. My fiancé loved her and so did all our family. She came up with some great shots for the wedding party and we all had a great time taking them! We also used her photobooth and everyone told us how much fun it was and what a wonderful idea it was. We are so glad that we chose her!

The Bride's Assistant                                          Rating: A+

I could not have had a more perfect planner. She decorated the church and venue beautifully and took everything down. Also, she has lots of decorations that she lets you use for free! So her fee was actually less than I would have spent to buy the decorations. She is more than worth her money. I couldn't have done it without her!!

Cardome Center                      Rating:A

Alison was so helpful and pleasant and she always went above and beyond. I wish that I had had the ceremony here too. There was the option of holding the ceremony/reception inside or outside which is great. I used the chapel hall for the reception and the downstairs room for the cocktail hour. It is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the pictures that my groom and I took out front at the Japanese gardens.

Sugar Forest                               Rating: A

We ordered the dark chocolate cake that had pieces of dark chocolate in it and also the champagne cake with fruit filling. They were delicious! All the cake was eaten at the reception. I liked that she drew a sketch of the cake during the interview so that I had a way to see the final product before hand.

Beauty by Bethanny                         Rating:A

She did an amazing job! The makeup lasted all day and it photographs so well! The bridal party all had fake lashes and everyone loved them.

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