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Hi girls,

I recently got married in Grand Rivers, KY. Our ceremony was on the jetty, and our reception was at Patti's Settlement. I know there is not a lot of information for West KY brides on here, so I figured I would post my reviews.

Ceremony- The Jetty (Grand Rivers, KY)
The Jetty was beautiful, easy to book, and best of all free! It is a public place so you can't block access. We had a few on lookers, but there were no problems. We were also able to build a fire, which was nice since it was outside in December.

Reception- Patti's Settlement (Grand Rivers, KY)
Patti's Settlement has amazing food as anyone in the area knows. They have recently opened a small banquet hall that seets about 60 ppl. It was decorated beautifully, the servers were amazing, and the people from Patti's went over and beyond what we could have hoped for on the day of. However, they were somewhat difficult to communicate with throughout the process. There were staff changes in the middle of working with them, and the new staff was much easier to work with but difficult to get a hold of at times. Overall, I would definitely reccomend this venue for a small reception. We did bring in chair covers and linens to increase the formality, but they do provide linens.

Officiant- Dr. Rev. Linda Marie Nelson (Nashville, TN)
We had a very difficult time finding an officiant, because we got married on a Sunday. However, We found one and our ceremony was beautiful. She will help you make your ceremony be what you want it to be. It was perfect.

Coordinator- Allison Hart from Occasions Unlimited (Paducah, KY)
Allison is a very talented wedding planner and his full of great ideas. However, Occasions Unlimited does a lot of weddings. We did not recieve the personalized service that we would have liked. Occasions Unlimited handled many aspects of our wedding, and I will review each one individually. Due to problems with the rentals, Allison was not as available on the day of as I would have liked her to be. This put a lot of stress on my groom as well as my other family members prior to the ceremony. She did do a much better job at the reception though.

Rentals- Occasions Unlimited (Paducah, KY)
Occasions Unlimited has a wide variety of rentals and they are all beautiful. They are not as organized as we would have liked them to be. They left the linens for one of our tables and brought us a column instead of a pedestal for the officiant. The missing linens led to our coordinators unavailability on the day of. They also did a phenomenal job of setting up the linens for the reception. Initially, they had put the chair covers on the ceremony chairs, but after my husband told them that was incorrect they were quick to fix it.

Flowers- Tony from Occasions Unlimited (Paducah, KY)
Let me start by saying that my flowers were beautiful on the day of, and Tony is a brilliant floral designer. However, I was initially told that we could get certain flowers that were unavailble on the day of. I understand that flowers are difficult to come by in December, but no one communicated with me about the unavailability of my flowers. I did not find out until the day of when they handed me my bouquet. Again they were beautiful but not what I asked for. They were also MIA for most of my picture taking.

Cake- Karin Mathis (Paducah, KY)
Karen works through occasions unlimited. All I can say is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. Karen worked hard to give us exactly what we wanted. She even designed a new recipe for us. She got my flowers for my cake much cheaper then the florist had quoted me. Most of all, the cake tasted like it was right out of the oven on the day of. It was beautiful and delicious. We got so many compliments, even from people who don't really like cake. Karen was easy to communicate with via e-mail and continually reassured me when I had doubts.

Occasions Unlimited Overall (Paducah, KY)
Overall Occasions Unlimited is a good company. They can make amazing things happen. I think they tend to prioritize larger events and weddings. It is frequently hard to communicate with them, but they do get things done. I would reccomend their services to a bride who is very laid back and just wants things to be beautiful on the day of. Karen's work is separate from theirs, so I reccomend her for any and all brides!!!

Hot Chocolate & Apple Cider- Sugar and Spice (Grand Rivers, KY)
Sugar and Spice makes some delicious things and is very friendly. We wanted hot chocolate and apple cider at our ceremony to help keep guests warm. Our guests loved it, but I was not that impressed. When we met with the owner, she was excited about working with us and asked that we give her some freedom as far as the things included on the table. She talked about making chocolate spoons and all sorts of other cool stuff. Unfortunately, on the day of I did not think it was worth the money. There was hot chocolate and apple cider and it was hot, which was amazing. However, the only additions she had was some chocolate much, store bought candy canes, and some crushed peppermints. In addition, she had quoted us a flat fee and on the day of stated that it did not include taxes and gratuity, so that made overpriced hot chocolate even more over priced.

I think that is everyone. I will add if I realized I forgot anyone. I hope this helps some of you guys. I don't mean to sound pessemistic. Overall my day was beautiful, just not worth the money in a lot of areas.

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    I did forget a few vendors, one of which was AWESOME!

    Hair and Makeup- Personal Touch (Paducah, KY)
    I had originally hired someone who was going to come to me to do my hair and makeup as well as my bridal party. There were some issues with this person, and I decided not to work with her. I called Deborah at Personal Touch 10 days before my wedding to see if she could help me on a SUNDAY! She was amazing, she opened her shop just for my family and I, and everyone's hair and makeup was beautiful. They were so nice and accomodating. They were also very affordable! I cannot reccomend them more. PERFECT!!

    Tuxes- Men's Warehouse in Paducah, KY
    The people here were awesome and everything came in perfect. They actually made my husband excited about picking out clothes (a hard task... believe me).

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    I keep forgetting people!

    Photographer- Nicole Tucker or Developing Memories Photography
    Her and her husband were absolutely AMAZING!!! Our pictures are beautiful, and we had so much fun. She is also extremely affordable!!! Her husband even went and got me nail polish remover on the day of. They went over and beyond!!!

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    I just called today about a wedding on the jetty.  I have heard that it is beautiful, and I want an outside wedding.  However, the man told me it is only about 15 feet wide.  I'm planning on ~150 guests.  Do you think this would be possible?  How many guests did you have? 

    Also, I'm looking at different photographers.  Where was yours from? 

    And you are right...there is not much info for West KY brides!!!
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    meghow...check out Minor Details Photography out of Danville, KY. The photographer is from Western KY and would not charge travel fees!
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    Congrats sunshine! I looooveee Patti's. We have a lake house in Cadiz, KY and it's always been a favorite place of mine. It was definitely a top contender when I was thinking about locations for our wedding.
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