Wedding Hair in Lexington

I need someone to do my hair for my wedding.  I'm looking for someone in Lexington or close surrounding areas.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks!

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Re: Wedding Hair in Lexington

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    The Julia Christy Salon (859-278-5283) has several different styalists with YEARS of experience (Tracy Hyatt and Julia Gentry -part owner- have been there at least 10 years), and Donna Kukuk (859-420-8188) does GREAT nails there, too.  If you call them and don't think they are up to it try Best Impressions, they have some pretty experienced people there, as well.  Shannon at BI is younger but does do wedding parties.
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    Sara Drury. Google her name.  I think where she is is called Jon-Beck Salon. She does onsite, too.
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    Mollie Dotson at Seasons Salon is fabulous. She has a website, but i think it's under maintenance right now. She is at all the bridal shows too.
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