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Hi ladies,

I wanted to see if anyone in the Lexington area would be willing to give me information on what DJ you used and also a general cost (if you feel like sharing that.)  I have been doing pretty well through all the planning stages but I feel completely snowed when it comes to DJs.....there are just so many!

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    I have heard really good things about Soundoff.  One of my BM used them for her wedding and they did a great job.  We are planning to use them per her recommendation and other's here on the knot.  They are very affordable and seem so great to work with. 

    GL planning!
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    We're booking Matt Jaeger from Sounds Around Town.  I met him for a consultation a few weeks ago, and he's who we are going with.  He's $700.  

    GL.  HTH!
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    Jeff Gibson 
    Matt Jaegar
    Mike Graves
    Tony the Tiger

    Not sure of the price of any of these guys, but I've been to weddings with each and they are complete pros. 

    I'd be a little wary of people like Complete Music where you don't actually know who the DJ will be on the day of your wedding. The price might be a little less, but you're dealing with more uncertainty. 
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    we have tony and our wedding is not till next month but he was been a huge help through the whole process. he acts like a planner for you the day of your wedding at ur reception site. he 1,500 but i was told worth every penny

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    I am using Keith with Soundoff DJ. He and is wife are very nice. His wife is also a wedding planner (Affairs to Remember). When I called his wife actually invited me to their son's birthday party so I could meet Keith and see his equipment (all brand new Bose speakers). He is also very affordable (~$125/hr). I have never seen him perform, but have heard only good things from others.
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