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Hey girls! Just got an email about Keeneland's updated pricing (the info on the website isn't current, apparently) and figured I'd share it with you all!

Turf Catering at Keeneland

Pricing Sheet


Rental F&B Minimum Deposit

Kentucky Room $1000 $5000 $1500

Capacity: 120 guests

Lexington Room $1000 $5000 $1500

Capacity: 175 guests

Phoenix Room $1200 $6000 $2500

Capacity: 250 guests

Lex/KY Room $1500 $6000 $2500

Capacity: 250 guests

E-Center $2000 $10,000 $5000

Capacity: 250-600 guests

Keene Barn $600 $10,000 $1300

Located adjacent to the Entertainment Center – booking as one

Capacity: 250-600 guests

First Floor Clubhouse $1000 $4000 $2000

Capacity: 150 guests

Additional Pricing Information:

Pipe & Drape Sections $25/each

(For Covering Buffets/Mutuals in Event Rooms)

15x15 Dance Floor $500

18x18 Dance Floor $550

21x21 Dance Floor $600

DVD Played to Televisions in Rooms $50

Microphone $35

(For Toasting)

Podium & Microphone $35

Cake Cutting Fee $50

Coat Attendant $9/hour (4 hour minimum)


Restroom Attendant $9/hour (4 hour minimum)


Ceremony Set Up Fee $350

Bartender Fee $100 (Flat fee)

Chef Attendant (For stations) $100 (Flat fee)

Carver Fee $100 (Flat fee)

Floor Length Linen $8.00/each

Lap Length Linen $2.00/table


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Ceremonies can be held in two locations at Keeneland:

  1. The First Floor Clubhouse has a lawn area adjacent where ceremonies can be held. The First Floor clubhouse must be rented for the reception for a ceremony to be held there.

  1. The Keene Barn and Entertainment Center has a lawn area adjacent to it where a ceremony can be held. The Entertainment Center must be rented for a ceremony to be held on that location.


First Floor Clubhouse

The First Floor Clubhouse is a beautiful location for a ceremony and a reception. This space has a capacity of 150 – tables and chairs must be rented through a local vendor for the guest seating. Turf Catering has seating for up to 96 with high cocktail tables and low cocktail tables. Chairs for the ceremony can be rented through a local vendor as well. Turf Catering has a $350 ceremony set up fee for the ceremony set up.

Lexington/Kentucky Rooms:

The Lexington and Kentucky Rooms can be connected to make a beautiful venue for a reception. This space can accommodate up to 250 depending on other set up requirements. With a serene view of the Keeneland Race Track, this view gives your guests a beautiful setting.

Phoenix Room:

Located on the 4th Floor of the Grandstand, the Phoenix room offers a breathtaking view of the Keeneland Paddock. This space accommodates up to 250. A reception in this room will surely give your guests a taste of Kentucky.

Keene Barn & Entertainment Center:

The Keene Barn offers an open are for a cocktail reception or ceremony. The Keene Barn and Entertainment Center is ideal for large Wedding Receptions, Corporate Parties and Company Seminars. The Entertainment Center comfortably seats up to 450 for a seated event and 700 for a standing reception. Wedding Ceremonies can be held just outside of the Entertainment Center with a view of the Keeneland Library or held directly in front of the Entertainment Center in the Keene Barn. Turf Catering has a $350 set up fee for the ceremony set up.

The email address for the event coordinator is [email protected]

The prices are a little steep for me but hope I helped somebody! Happy planning guys!


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