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I am getting married June 2011.  Across the Ohio River in IN is a place called Lakeside Reflections.  I was wondering if anyone had used them, planning to use them, or had been to wedding there and are willing to share their thoughts.  I would love to have some opinions before I put a deposit down.

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Re: Lakeside Reflections

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    Several girls on the Louisville board have mentioned them.  I'd XP this over there, if I were you.
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    My friend is getting married there this Aug..sorry, idk anything yet
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    Im getting married there in August, and its been awesome so far. They're taking care of everything! I also went to a wedding there in 2004 and it was beautiful!
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    My friend just got married there in December. It was pretty nice. Although the layout for the ceremony was a little off. Beautiful scenery, even for December. My friend was very low-maintenance with her wedding so she let them take care of everything (which is nice in it's own way, not having to pay for a seperate party planner)
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