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Bride's family will all be OOT-ers (who must be invited to the rehearsal dinner), and I would really like to do something I could afford to make open-invitation, so the family dynamics aren't so lop-sided. We're looking at a wedding guest list of about 150, at least 50 of which are guaranteed to attend the RD- the rest will be question marks at least until the RSVPs are returned. MOB envisions a sit-down affair (particularly since we're having a casual afternoon tea reception), but I'm sure she would understand if we had, say, a cookout (my original plan, but I'm new to the area and don't know where we would have it). I'm trying to keep this as far under $500 as possible, so you see why I'm not too keen on the sit-down dinner plan.

p.s. I'm in the Lexington/Versailles area.

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    150 people for $500 isn't possible.  Even hotdogs, potato chips, and soda will cost more than $3.33/person.  If it's just 50 people, $10 should be able to take care of food & non-alcoholic beverages. 

    That said - we had a cookout at my parents house for everybody the night before the wedding.  We got BBQ from a place in Winchester (I'll have to ask for the name of the business) that was really awesome, and I think affordable (my parents paid).  If you can't host that at your home or someone else's, you may have a problem - rental spots can get pricey.  If you do have a home/back yard available, I'd suggest BBQ, pizza, or a pasta buffet. 
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    Agree with squirrly. 150 people would be really hard to do on that budget. But Iam not sure that's what you're asking. Do you mean that 150 people are invited to the wedding and only 50 will attend the RD? Or do you mean that you extended the invite to all 150 wedding guests?

    In my vendor review posted about 2 posts down on this board, I reviewed a guy from Winchester who did a BBQ for me too. (maybe the same guy as squirrly) the food was great at $10 pp and he provided beverages (pop, water, lemonade) and plates and napkins. He was great. His number is in my vendor review as well if you are interested.

    Good luck!
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    There is a small catering place in nicholaville called Gourmet Goodies. You might be able to have them do that food.
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    Sorry, by 150 I meant the invite would be extended to about that many, and at least 50 would definitely come (OOT-ers + wedding party). And the cookout idea was a DIY deal, since there are plenty of people who would offer to help out with grill duty. But again, that does leave the issue of venue, since I can't think of a backyard that I'd have access to that's a reasonable distance away- at least not one that's large enough to accomodate everyone if we had a big turnout.
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    Hhmn. That's a toughie because rental space is not cheap.

    Have you looked into local parks? Are there any local parks with picnic shelters and grills that you could possibly reserve?

    I can't think of anything off the top of my head like that because I just moved to Lexington. 

    Also, if you are a member of a church, perhaps they have a room or a yard that you can use for a donation or for free.

    We used Masterson station clubhouse, but it is only available to be rented by residents of that neighborhood. It had a nice yard, a back deck, and a good space. I doubt it would be good for 150 people, but maybe you won't have that many people.
    Maybe your neighborhood has something like that? Several of the apartment/townhouses complexes have little clubhouses and court yards that may be available for a rental.

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    I know that both Shilito and Jacobson parks rent their covered shelter areas. you could look them up on parks and rec website.
    I don't know how far out of lexington you are willing to go, but you could look up the high bridge pavillion. I think it is really cheap, but I know that they have a limit on how early you can reserve it.
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    Thanks, you all, this is really helpful!
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