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Hi everyone!  I am getting married at the end of May and haven't decided how we are getting from our reception to our hotel.  We are on a somewhat tight budget, but didn't want to obligate someone from our wedding party to take us.  Does anyone have any limo or other transportation companies to recommend in the Taylor Mill area?  Will companies provide service for just a one time trip or do you have to rent for several hours?  Thanks for any advice you may have!

Re: Transportation ideas in Northern KY

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    Most places will do a one way trip, but often charge a minimum number of hours.  Look for places that do "airport limos" - they might be willing to be a bit more flexible on the minimum. 

    Also - a number of transportation companies have gone out of business in the recent economic downturn.  A bride on the Louisville board paid her deposit and they just disappeared with the money.  So - just be really, really careful and check for good reviews before you send a check. 

    But first - check with your hotel.  They might have a shuttle that runs to the airport & be willing to pick you up.  If not that, they will likely have some recommendations of who previous wedding parties have used. 

    And, if all else fails - a cab.  At the end of the night, your dress will already be wrinkled.  :) 
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    Thank you very much!  That is great advice!
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    I am also from Taylor Mill and I know when there is an event at the Taylor Mill Pride Park the city provides shuttle transporatation to and from SHS so people can park at the high school and ride the shuttle to the park. This is something that could possibly work for you. Call the City of Taylor Mill and they can help you more.
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