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XP: BM Dresses

How much are your girls shelling out for their bridesmaid dress? I want to make sure I am being realistic with the style I choose in relation to the price being semi affordable. Does 170 before alterations seem expensive for a bm dress?

Re: XP: BM Dresses

  • First, check with BMs (individually) to see what their budget is for the dress.  That will tell you if $170 is too much for the BM dresses.  It also helps if you say what style (formal, semi-formal/cocktail, sundress, etc) you're thinking about.  

    To answer your first question we're going to the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale in June to get dresses, so my BMs won't be shelling out more than $100.

  • I'd second Audobon, ask them their budget privately. I'd ask how much they are comfortable spending, as opposed to if a certain dress is ok. That way they won't feel pressured. 170 would be too high for my crowd, but could be fine in your circle. I am doing mismatched dresses from AA, and since I bought my dress there the BM choices will range from 79 to 150. I expect many to pick the 79 dress, but it's super cute! I'd have them all wear it except my cousin hates it and I want her to feel comfortable too.
  • I think its reasonable, but If someone is having a hard time paying for the dress maybe you could talk to them about it and help them pay for it?
  • You might want to talk to your girls and see where they stand and how much they can spend. I made it easy on my girls and let each of them pick their own dresses. We made a day of going to multiple shops and they tried on dresses and each found something they liked. Then because I am what I consider "thrifty" I went on DB website and found that they had an almost identical dress to each of the ones my girls had chose for right around $100-$150 each. I showed the girls and they were thrilled with the dresses and the price.

  • I am going to try to keep the prices as low as I can. Two of my girls have thier kids in our wedding too. For my Jr Bridesmaid we are dying a dress she has (her mom/my bff idea) to save some money. I always hate when I am not prepared for how much the dresses are. I don't want to surprise them with a large bill. I want everyone to have fun not stress about anything.
    Bunny ??
  • I'm trying to keep costs as low as possible...I've been a bridesmaid and would not want to be shelling out $300 for a dress I didn't even pick out! As long as they are all the same length, color and material I don't care what they are. I actually prefer different necklines and it gives them the option to actually put their input into it!  We are going shopping in a couple weeks but I've been researching online and am confident they can all get their dresses between $100-$150
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