Over Whelmed!!!!

so we haven't even picked an exact date and I'm already feeling overwhelmed! My mom keeps saying we need to do this and that...I don't even know where to start!!!

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Re: Over Whelmed!!!!

  • Do you have any idea of seasons or even the year that you want? That would help to start :)
  • I understand how you feel! I picked and date and moved onto a venue to find that everyone that I called is not available for the date that we have chosen. So, my suggestion for you is to start looking around on the internet to get some ideas. You will soon find places that you fall in love with and may get an idea of a time frame. You need to come up with a budget because some venues are very expensive. Then start calling places and see what they have available. It will all start to fall in place once you have a better idea of what type of wedding you want if you don't already know. Good Luck!
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