Talon Winery & Caterer-Opinions?

I have seen several negtive reviews for Talon Winery on multiple sites. Does anyone have experience working with them? Some reviews are older so I'm not sure if it's the same coordinator. 

They are asking $4,700 for the barn and from what I've seen this does not inculde set up/tear down, etc. Just the barn chairs and tables. I think this is a bit outrageous, but I do like the grounds and the barn.  Has anyone been successfull negotiated a lower rate?

Also, you have to have your alcohol through them (which their rate is fairly reasonable compared to other Lexington vendors) but you can use anyone for catering. I figure if we can save money on the catering we may be able to justify the more expensive price for the venue. Does anyone have suggestions of ore reasonable caterers in the area?


Re: Talon Winery & Caterer-Opinions?

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    I would seriously price it all out before you sign anything.  Do they provide charis and tables?  Because that gets pricey really quickly and $4700 is outrageous if they don't include anything like that. 

    My only advice for negotiating a lower price would be to look to a Friday or Sunday or maybe even a Thursday depending on what your guest list is like and how many would be traveling. 

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         Talon is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

      (If this whole description is too long just skip to end.)

           We signed a contract with them and payed our deposit. When we got the bill before the wedding it was different than what we were told we would have to pay.
        I called and tryed to get it sorted out and Sharon Rowe their contact told me she  never said it was paid and would contact her boss and get back to me.  She never did so the next week I called again and she said she hadn't talked to her boss and would call me right back. She didn't so we called back again and she said she had just talked to her boss.  She wasn't willing to change the bill and there was nothing we could do but forfit  part of our deposit and leave.
        We immediately looked up her Boss Lori Baumgardner's number and called her.  Sharon had never talked to Lori. She had no idea what was going on. After waiting two hours she told us there was nothing she could do either.  
        They don't understand why we have a problem paying the money we were told that we had already paid and she says that it isn't their fault so we have to pay.  Then she told me that I was lying and pretty much threatened that if we try to go to court to get our money because they broke their own contract that it wouldn't matter because she is a lawyer and there is nothing I can do. 
         All of this took place over a three week period. They were extremely rude and unhelpful! They were also trying to stall us until we couldn't get any money back for the deposit.
          We are definatly cancelling our date!!!! 

              The billed us differently than their contreact said I got called a liar by two people and threatened by the manager. They are horrible to work with and be sweet and innocent on the phone, but screwing you over behind your back.  It took 3 weeks just to get to this point because they put us off. Now we only have a couple days to send in our cancellation before they say that they will keep all of our money.  DON"T USE TALON!!!!!!!
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    They do include the tables/chairs and the gazebo on the weekends. The alcohol is cheap there so I'm not concerned about that.  We can't really move the date to an off day because it would drastically impact our guest list because many people will be traveling.  
    We can make it work if we can find a reasonable caterer but I am having trouble finding cateres that aren't solely tied to venues, or that are under $30. I don't want to do BBQ (we are considering doing this for the rehearsal). Any suggestions on a reasonable caterer?
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    If you good catering in lexington you will find a lot of places. I would also suggest looking into some of your favortie local restaurants, I have noticed a lot of them have decent pricing. One I had been considering was Jow Bologna's.  I don't know if you have tried them, but their food is good, traditional italian recipes.
         You can also try some of the smaller local places.  I know a lot of the popular caterers on these boards and at the bridal shows are pricey, but I looked a few smallers ones from the places around lexington that have good pricing. 

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    I am having my wedding at Talon in May, but we picked a Friday night. That lowered the price to $3200. We are doing catering through Bella Note and it is very reasonable.  When you went Talon you get the place from 8am till midnight so the plus is you have all day to decorate but the negative is finding the help to do that.
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    I'm getting married in the barn at Talon... October 29 (saturday $$$ ack) Bella Note sounds like a great idea for catering - how much did they quote you?! How many guests?! (if you don't mind me asking?!) I wanted to do a fun cheap dinner - my original thought was bourbon & toulouse but then renting all the dishes seemed chaotic. 
  • Hi, my fiance and I are thinking about having our wedding at Talon, but we live in CA.  Any recommendations on catering or a rental company for all the flatware etc and then restaurants for food?  $30 or less per person?? Thanks, D
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