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I just got my shoes in for my March 2011 wedding, from David’s Bridal.  They are really cute and open toed platform heels.  I absolutely love them!  Problem is they fit tight at the toe opening.  My feet fit fine in them and are not wide.  The lady at the shoe store told me that I would have to “break them in” by wearing them around the house to loosen the fabric in that area. I’ve heard of a wooded shoe stretcher and have heard of shoe stretching sprays, but am a bit skeptical of spraying anything on them, as they are made of a satin material and they are of a color, so I’m afraid that the spray could possible harm the material or make the satin material look spotty.  Can anyone help me with some at home remedies to stretch the material, or can you recommend some place that sells the wooded shoe stretcher and some information on the spray.  Thanks a lot!

Re: Help! New Shoes

  • inkygirlinkygirl member
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    Can't help you with things you're looking for, but I'll ditto the salesperson with you just have to wear them.  I put mine on to do housework and anything I could while I was at home.  It made a huge difference. 
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    I don't know if this would work but I used to do a home remedy a long time ago of putting water in a sandwich bag (zipock is best) and placing that in the shoe.  The placing the entire shoe and bag in another bag an into the freezer.  As the sandwich bag freezes it should expand your shoe.  Now I know it used to work for me with my work shoes but those were made of leather.  HTH
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