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Well we've finally booked our venue... the Hilary J Boone Center!  Does anyone else have any experience with this venue?  Our date is July 27, 2013 and I would prefer to have the ceremony elsewhere; any suggestions?

MIL is also wanting suggestions for a rehearsal dinner spot that isn't outrageous; any suggestions on this?

Thank you!

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  • What about Saul Good for rehearsal dinner? The one in Hamburg is big enough to hold parties.
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  • I went to a wedding at the Boone center last summer.  it was gorgeous.  The patio area is great for the ceremony depending on how large your guest list is...It probably only holds a little over 100.  It's gorgeous the fountain. The couple had their ceremony at 2 in June.on bricks.with no shade.  I don't recommend that, but a sunset time wedding would work.  HTH.

    As for other ceremony spots, how about the Arboretum? It's beautiful, but there's a lot of rules I think.  

    And yes to PP about SaulGood.  YUMMO!
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  • Our reception is the Saturday before yours at the Hilary J. Boone center!!! Our date is July 20, 2013! We should get together sometime and go over all of our wedding details! :)

    Our ceremony is at First United Methodist (downtown) it is SO pretty and so close to the Boone center!

    We are still working on our rehearsal dinner, but have been considering The Hilton (downtown) it's close and they are so great to work with!
  • Just a warning, my friends had thier reception ther a couple of years ago right after it changed management and the coordinator was awful. She try to change prices on them and not give them everything they paid for. They complained a lot about it and I believe some things have changed. Be careful and keep your paperwork!
    Malones is a great Lexington place for a rehearsal dinner, they have the room upstairs at the Lansdowne location. 
  • BeamingBride - Awesome!  We should definitely go over details together.  I cannot believe Ginny is leaving.  Have you met the new coordinator?
  • Is the cost reasonable for the Boone center? What does it compare to? Do you have to decorate a lot on top of the costs? My fiance is in the army, so dates keep changing based on his training schedule. Any tips to help my frantic search would be great! Thanks!
  • To be honest, the Boone center is gorgeous but pricey.  We're actually looking around to see if we can find a cheaper place so that we can spend more on the honeymoon :)  The Boone center was $1,800 for rental fee and is due at the time of reserving your date.  For a Saturday you also have to spend at least $7,500 in food and alcohol and you have to go through them.  Chairs and tables are included for reception but you have to rent chairs if you want to do your ceremony there too.  Hope this helps!
  • Oh and most importantly, you have to book through a member of the center.  If you have ties to the University, you can become a member for $20/month. 
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    [QUOTE]BeamingBride - Awesome!  We should definitely go over details together.  I cannot believe Ginny is leaving.  Have you met the new coordinator?
    Posted by LABleedsBlue[/QUOTE]

    I know!! We were so sad, I immediately scheduled a meeting with the new coordinator, Michelle Lowe.. She is FANTASTIC!! My fiance and I loved her!! I'm not worried about anything at all! :)
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