Bowling Green Kentucky Bakery

Hello ladies,
Do any of you know of a good place in Bowling Green to have a wedding cake done?  I live in Cincinnati, and haven't been able to find a place.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Re: Bowling Green Kentucky Bakery

  • Riley's on 31-W

    Amazing Cakes on Fairview Ave.

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  • I dont think Amazing Cakes is there anymore. But there is a lady that works out of Annas Greek Restaruant. She has a facebook page. Milk and Honey Bakery. She is good and decently priced.
  • I am a small commercial bakery in Edmonton, Ky.  Is the wedding in Bowling Green or Cinci?  I am on FB, listed under Tubbs Farmstead, aka Tubbs' Farmstead & Bakery.  My website is and you can check me out!  Would be happy to talk to you about a BG wedding.  Cinci is a little far to commute.  Thanks in advance!

    Joellen Tubbs cell 270_590-9565

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