Bed Bath and Beyond RAVE!

We're registered there, but received some Royal Doulton wine goblets and Mikasa martini glasses that we did not register for.  I didn't have a gift receipt or anything, but saw that BBB carried them online.  I took them back and they took them!  It was $235 for all of it that I got in in store credit.  I'm pumped....I can almost get the Kitchen Aid I want with that!  If you're not registered there, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Re: Bed Bath and Beyond RAVE!

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    Sweet!  I didn't have any returns to make, but I think everybody who purchased from our registry there had an easy time doing so.  The only issue we had was a scale that ended up being available online only, and some canisters they discontinued.

    You will LOVE the kitchen aid.  My recommendation?  Get an extra work bowl for it, and an extra paddle beater. 
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