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XP: A Jewish Wedding for Saturday, December 28

A bride -to-be expects to formally announce her engagement on Valenine's Day or on her parents' anniversary later this month.

She and her fiance expect to finish their respective fellowships sometime before or around Thanksgiving.

While she and her fiance aren't particularly observant Jews, they both would like to get married in a Jewish ceremony. 

She said she would be prefer to get married on a Saturday, she really doesn't like Sunday weddings . (I am not Jewish but most of the Jewish weddings that I have been involved have been scheduled for Sunday, since a Saturday wedding would have to be held sometime after sundown.) She has talked with the rabbi who would be the officiant. He said he would do it providing that the ceremony happen at least an hour after sundown.

(The bride -to-be has been looking at wedding dresses; the dress that she has fallen in love with is one of heavy satin with lots of lace and crystals, something that would be too heavy tot wear in late spring, summer or early autumn. As for "her wedding colors," she said that she is leaning towards jewel tones -- sapphire blue, emerald green and/or amethyst -- which would go nicely in the winter)

In this part of the country, sundown in late December would be around 4:45 p.m. The possible schedule for the day would cocktails beginning at 5:30 p.m., the ceremony at 6 p.m. (possibly later) followed by dinner, dancing and the reception.

I though I would run this by the board to see in anyone can spot any trouble with such a plan. There are a lot of wise people participating on The Knot and there is knowledge and comments are most helpfl

Years ago, I attended a Jewish wedding on a Saturday in December. While it was bitterly cold outside, there was no snow or ice on the ground. It was a very lovely wedding and everyone had a great time.

Again, if any one has any comments, suggestions or ideas, I would be most appreciative to read them. 

Thanking everyone in advance

Re: XP: A Jewish Wedding for Saturday, December 28

  • In Pittsburgh? All of the ceremony/reception should be indoors, but I think that's fine. We're having a Jewish wedding (but we're reform) and we avoided Saturday all together.
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