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December 28, 2013!!

Hi everyone..we are getting married on December 28, 2013 in Asheville, NC!! Its a year after our engagement at The Biltmore Estate! So excited to be here!!

Re: December 28, 2013!!

  • Congrats! there's a FB group too if you want to join it.
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    [QUOTE]Congrats! there's a FB group too if you want to join it.
    Posted by zizibet[/QUOTE]

    Thank you!
  • Yea!!  I love it...where are you getting married Selena??

  • That's my date too!! So excited. I work at a school so I have a nice three week break that starts before the wedding and lasts until January! 
  • aekcaekc member
    Congrats!!  We're doing a Dec 29 brunch -- feel free to FedEx your flowers to us -- lol!  
  • Aww, anyone doing the 27th? THat's my date!
  • We're 12.27 :)    
     I'm still hunting for cute wintery invitations !!!  I'm open to suggestions if anyone would to offer some!  (i've been on 10 different sites, but can't find anything I like that isn't going to cost me $3 a peice)
  • Hi rcooper....You know, I actually WON my invites from a Bridal show....The girl (Ebony) makes wedding invitations..and even made HERS for her wedding a few years back.  I am not really doing a "wintery" theme per se, but using my color schemed (eggplant/grape with silver and ivory)..
    She had offered me two samples..For some reason they won't load on this site...but I can PM you if you're interested...

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