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Holy moly - I'm getting married!

Hi all,
Just checking in - Paul and I are planning a Dec. 13 wedding. Yes, Friday the 13th! We both love the number 13 and want to make an "unlucky" day the luckiest day ever. 

So excited. 

Are any of you sending out Save the Dates a little earlier than normal to ensure people have enough vacation time saved up for the last part of the year or am I over analyzing or planning?

Re: Holy moly - I'm getting married!

  • Our wedding date is the 28th of December and we already sent out our Save the Dates.  We figure, most people plan their holiday vacations way in advance so we're giving them the heads up early.  The invites will be sent out early too, probably about 2-3 months prior versus the traditional 5-6 weeks.
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    Congrats and welcome!! We are just this week sending out our STDs for our 12/31 wedding. No turning back now - haha!!!
  • We've told everyone who's invited (only ~80 people) when it is, but we're still planning on sending Save the Date magnets, just so it doesn't slip people's minds that close to Christmas.  We're December 14th.
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