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Dec of 13 or Jan of 14???????

Dear All Brides, in need of some opinions. I am a chicago bride in between two dates: 12/6/2013 or 1/24/2014. I cannot decide on which date, and was just wondering what made you guys decide for your winter wedding between dec or jan. My color scheme is burgundy or a deep red, with ivory. I really envision romantic and lots of candles. Any help would be appreciated! 

My thinking is i like the idea of Christmas time and the magic of the season, plus we could save on decorations bc most places are somewhat decorated in Dec. And i really like the candlelight and white chritsmas lights look. But, I know some people already have lots going on in Dec usually, and it might be too much for some, timewise and monetarily. 

Then theres January. I could still do all those things in Jan, cuz it still fits the winter wedding theme. And theres usually not a whole lot going on in Jan anyway, so it would give us all something more to look forward to in an otherwise uneventful month. Our dating anniversary is in Feb, so our wedding anniversary would be right around the same time. But, since Im a Chicago bride, i dont want there to be a blizzard. I just dont know, and my fiance doesnt have a preference either way between those two dates. Im sorry to keep rambling, but id just like to hear your opinions. 

Thanks again, and any feedback would be appreciated! Happy planning and congrats to you all!!! 

Re: Dec of 13 or Jan of 14???????

  • How many OOT guests do you have that would need to fly in? Because then you might want to do the earlier December date. I've been to Chicago several times in the winter months and haven't really had a delay problem in Nov/early Dec, but have had lots of delay problems in later December/Jan/Feb.
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  • Thats a good point, i hadnt thought of that one. Id have quite a few flying from out of state. so that def would change things
  • I agree with the PP. Flying into Chicago in January is less appealing to me than flying in early December. 

    We chose December for our wedding due to the personal significance of the period to us.
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  • I'm a December 7 2013 bride and like you had mentioned December is a crazy month with Christmas and all. FI kept making sure I knew that there may be less of a turn out for December due to the holidays but I think thats when Bridezilla came out. Lol. Its your wedding day, choose the date that you and the FI really want and don't worry about the rest. The right people will find a way to be there. Either way, you'll still have your beautiful winter wedding. :)
  • thanks for all your input ladies!!
  • I agree.  I grew up in Chicago, and January is rough.  Heck, January is even rough here!
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