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December 28, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I could use some great advice right now!  We are planning a Christmas Themed wedding, since my fiance and I love Christmas.  However, do you think having a wedding only 3 days after Christmas will be too much for the attendees?  Holidays can be hectic and stressful, and we certainly don't want to add any more stress upon our guests.  We were also thinking about Jan. 4, 2014, but to me, the holiday season will be over and wouldn't be the same.  Also, I believe the church take their decorations down shortly after new year.  And, they don't put decorations in the catholic churches up until after Advent, which is usually Dec. 23rd or 24th.  Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated!!!


Re: December 28, 2013

  • Most catholic churches leave their Christmas decorations up until Epiphany Jan 6th. The days between Christmas and the epiphany are the '12 days of Christmas' the song refers to.
  • I say go for it but I'm biased :) same date. We thought about it and at the end of the day the holidays are the times to be near family and friends. To celebrate and enjoy each other. If it's what you want go for it. The important people will be there no matter what day it is.
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  • also same date. we are hopeing many friends will be in town for the holidays! If getting married in a church, ask them about leaving the decorations up for a few days past Christmas. Our church is willing to change colors, etc. of the decorations for us!!
  • Thats our date as well!  We were concered about the attendee list but if they love you and really want to be a part of your day, your friends and family will make it happen.  It helped us because my family from London will be able to take a long vacation as they have school-aged children as well as my other family members.  Now everyone can travel and not worry about missing school.  I say go for it.  Double check with your Church and see if they will do ceremonies on that day.  I found that my church will not so we are using the reception venue as a ceremony site as well. 
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  • Hi. That is our date too. I agree. Those that love you will be there regardless of the date. We booked our venue in March. I am so excited to be past the one year point. The only problems I have run into are it was extremely difficult to find an officiant and finding a baker that time of year was not easy. I thought we would never find an officiant. Everyone I called was going out of town for the holidays or just didn't work between Christmas and new years. I also found that many churches and chapels don't do weddings then. I was surprised by that. A lot of bakers just dont work then. If you are persistent now you should be able to get everything in place. And don't worry about attendance. Everyone I have asked about it potentially being difficult has said it is not a problem. And we are getting married an hour and a half from home.
  • I wanted to add that we mailed our save the dates with our Christmas cards and plan to mail hotel info in june or july so ppl are able to plan well in advance. If you give ppl plenty of notice if they really want to be there they will. I say if you really want to have your wedding on Dec 28 then you should do that.
  • Thank you everyone for all of the positive feedback!  We will definitely have our wedding on December 28, 2013 and my church is very excited about a Christmas Wedding.  The pastor said that it has been some time since there was a Christmas wedding and he is extremely excited to have one.  Thanks again and happy wedding planning!!!
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