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December 2013 Weddings

What colors are you using?


Re: What colors are you using?

  • aekcaekc member
    Great colors out there!!  Love all the gold :)  We're going with gold and charcoal -- I want gold lame everywhere! (<<joking on that last part)
  • We are using navy blue and a lighter shade of blue.  He was in the US Army- Infantry.  Infantry soldiers get a special blue cord for their dress uniforms... so I wanted to honro him by using that color.  We are doing hints of silver- but we are doing more of a rustic/natural theme with pinecones and branches, etc. 


  • We were doing red and black, but we changed to Star Wars so its mostly black and whit with some red. It's more of a vader theme lol, with some r2d2 thrown in :)
  • Getting married on 12/28 and using Silver, eggplant/grape and ivory
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  • Ivory, Black and silver!
  • We are getting married 12/21 and really playing up the Christmas thing for ours, so red, green, gold, and ivory. We bought all of our decorations on sale last year after Christmas, so it's working out to be beautiful and relatively inexpensive.

  • Getting married on 12/8...not real "colors" (no attendants and the space needs very little extra decor) but we are playing up the natural feel of the space with cranberries, ivory (linens/candlelight) and possibly chocolate brown runner and/or burnished gold/copper chargers.
  • I'm getting married December 1, we chose red (for my birthstone and one of my favorite colors, my ring is even ruby because it's one of my favorite colors), green (for his birthstone and one of his favorite colors), white and silver.  Hoping for cool weather but just in case it's cold, I'm making myself a wedding stole in white.  Hoping to start a new tradition :).  We chose December 1 because that's when we started dating.  We actually chose the colors and then the date :) 
  • Hunter green, gold and ivory on December 28
  • We are going with Cranberry Red, Ivory, Slate Grey, Black. We're getting married December 21st.
  • I am getting married on the 28th.
    I chose white, silver and red for my wedding.
    With lots of bling!
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