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How are you dealing with the wait?

How are all of you dealing with the wait?  I'm struggling a lot with it recently.
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Re: How are you dealing with the wait?

  • I really want to start but my boyfriend wants me to wait till dec 15 2012 or even start talking about it till 6 months from now. I on the other hand have started just looking around the sites to see what i find.
  • Welcome jlrod! So your not engaged yet? Either way, I would start getting ideas at least within the next year. You should book places earlier if possible to get what you want. Mine is 12/21/13 and we will be booking the place within the next probably 3 months here (just saving up the down payment). 
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  • I've been with my fiance for 8 years. We've been engaged for 3 years.  Our wedding date is our 10 year anniversary 12/07/13.  The waiting sucks!! But I do like the fact that I get all this time for plan out what I want to make sure its right and I get my pick of venders!!! The waiting does suck but atleast I know that I will have my degree or will he, and have money saved up! Happy Planning!
  • I am going nuts also! Just ask the groom to be, I can't wait to get all my plans in action hes always says at least we have all the time to save the money to get more lol!
    I am super anxious about it my day is 12.14.13
    Good luck!!
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