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Non-religious ceremony

I have been to many weddings, but thinking back I have only ever been to lutheran weddings. Neither one of us are very religious, so we don't want a religious ceremony. I'm fine with bible quotes and readings as long as they are more focused on the love part. I want to keep it somewhat traditional but don't know how to do that without religion. Does anyone know more than I do about these types of ceremonies? I'm clueless.

Re: Non-religious ceremony

  • I've been to a few, and I am planning on having, a non-religious ceremony.  The way I think of it, it's exactly the same except instead of the most important aspect being marriage before God, the most important aspect is the social bonding of ourselves in front of our family.   In that respect, all of the traditions, quotes, readings, songls, and atmosphere will be based on the importance of us socially and legally becoming bound, and sharing that happiness with our family and friends. 

    For example, we're thinking of doing a ring-warming where our rings are passed through the audience before being used in the ceremony.  We like this because it allows those who are religious to say a short prayer over them, and everyone else can give their best wishes, hopes, and love into the ring so they are "warmed with love" from family and friends before we exchange them. 
  • If you choose a non-religious officiant, he or she will probably have ceremony programs from which you can choose.  It is basically the same as a religious ceremony (vows), minus the religious readings, religious music, etc.  You can have poetry or other secular readings, and some people do ring warming type things like pp said.

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