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Planning a NYE Wedding?

 Hey ladies-

Are you planning a NYE wedding, i'd love to share ideas with some equally inspired ladies about colors and decorations, invitations etc...  I can't believe it's already March I feel like i'm going to be walking down the aisle before I know it.  Have you found your dress yet, what styles do you love.  I just want to chat all about weddings, so tell me about yourself and let's plan some awesome NYE weddings that our guests will never forget 

Re: Planning a NYE Wedding?

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    Me me me!!! I'm Lori, I'm a NYE bride but we're trying not to make it too New Years ish, KWIM? My colors are plum, champagne and ivory. We have most of our vendors at this point just kind of have to hammer out the details. Which honestly, is really difficult. Right now , I'm just happy the big decisions are done. Everything else can wait? I hope? Where are you with planning? I think venue is the biggest thing to nail down. Where are you???
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    Hi!  This is my first time posting, so I'm not too sure all the terminology yet, but we are planning a NYE wedding!  Booked the ceremony & reception site and now it's onto the details... colors are Tiffany Blue & ... not sure yet what the other color will be, but I'm leaning more towards grey/silver.  I think the men would look handsome in a grey rather than a black.  And a Tiffany Blue tie.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more from other NYE brides!

    And, this is my 2nd marriage.  But, kind of treating it like a 1st wedding.

  • Hey Ladies-

    I'm so excited to have some responses to my post!  The last time I checked there was a whole lot of nothing!  I'm from MA Lori(ironically my mothers name :) )  I totally hear you about getting all the big stuff done, I've nailed down the venue, the dj, and I'm working on the deposit for my photographer.  I think I'm leaning toward a little bit more of a NYE theme though bc I love New Years and he asked me to marry him at midnight last New Year!.  

    As far as colors go, I'm thinking red, because I think my girls will look beautiful in long red dresses, but I'm still not completely sold.  We're going at the end of this month to try on dresses so I think I'll have a better idea after that.  I've already purchased my dress and I'm so totally in love with it, how about you ladies?  Where are you with your dress shopping and what kind of dress are you thinking about for your big day?

    Hey Lachelle- I think you should treat your wedding day like it's your first, it's no less special or important.  Enjoy your day.  I really like your color selection, I think your right about the grey and blue handsome factor!  

    I guess I'm not really sure what I need to do next, what are you ladies working on?  We're taking some engagement photos this weekend so I can get my Save the Dates done and in the mail!  People keep harassing me about getting that done!  

    Again, so excited to make some new friends and plan my wedding!  Hope to hear back from you ladies soon :)
  • I am planning a NYE wedding. Just got engaged last weekend (5/3/13) I am probably a little crazy but I don't have a location or destination yet. Any ideas? We want warm weather but not a beach wedding. It will be intimate, no wedding party maybe the nieces & nephews. I'm thinking old run down building for ceremony and reception could be held there as well. Please help! :)
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