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New Years Wedding 2013???

Hi Ladys!!!I REALLY need your help here. I am really loving the idea of getting married on New Year’s Eve. BUT New Year’s eve in 2013 is on a Tuesday…  Is it ok to get married on a Tuesday?   I don’t have a lot of out of town guests, so they will not have a problem coming…  Thoughts PLEASE!!!

Re: New Years Wedding 2013???

  • I'm getting married on this day and i think it should have nothing to do with it being New years its not like the wedding is going to be at night time i feel like if family and friends use new years as a reason not to come then they are not family and friends most of the time people don't work on this day i think its a perfect day and its a special day for and him for our own reasons but good luck to you Hay !! I cant wait till this day i'm so so happy! Laughing
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