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Photgraphy question!

I am getting married in Illinois, about 20 minutes from downtown st. louis.  My wedding ceremony and reception are at the same lace and I would love to do pictures downtown.  Would you take pictures before the ceremony, because of the long distance and the fact that the ceremony and recption are at the same place, and dont want to keep the guests waiting.  OR would you drive out to st. louis afe the ceremony?  Any comments would be great! Thanks!!

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    Good question. Take a few things into consideration. 1) Do you are your FI want to see each other before you walk down the isle? If this is not an issue, then I would say go for the pics before the wedding. 2) What is your time frame for the day? Is there a gap between the ceremony and reception? If not, can you create one? If there is, then you would have time to go downtown. If not, and you have your heart set on those photos, give your guests something to do while they wait... slide shows, refreshments, cocktail hour. It all depends on what you two want to do. Its your day.
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    We are going to get pics taken before hand but still have our photographer take pics as me and my Fiance' are first seeing eachother for the first time. I think it will still be so special. It will give us more time to get the pics we are wanting instead of booking an additional "bridal" session

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    As the previous post said, I would try to do them beforehand if you are OK with seeing each other before the ceremony.  I definitely wouldn't leave your guests sitting for hours while you run around taking pictures, not to mention that your bridal party probably won't appreciate it much either.  In our situation, we did our bubbles outside the church and then everyone but the bridal party went to the reception and started enjoying themselves.  We spent about 20 minutes at the church, 20 minutes in transit to the site near the reception, about ten minutes there (for some outside pictures) and then went five minutes to the reception.  Our photographer took us back outside after we ate so we could get some more pictures of the two of us.  It worked great because we didnt keep our guests waiting for days, our bridal party didn't have to pose for two hours and we still got the personal shots of just us that we love without putting anyone else out.  Understand that this is, indeed, your day.  However, no one is as excited about it as you are.  Please don't drag your bridal party all over downtown and be upset when they aren't smiling by the time you get to the end.  This happened to my husband's uncle because his wife wanted pictures in three different places.  They can't even use any from the third place because everyone looks miserable.  Something to keep in mind.  Hope this helps!
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