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Rehearsal Dinner Help!

Hey fellow StL Knotties I'm hoping you can help me with a rehearsal dinner venue.  We're looking to spend $2k max for 50-70 people.  The rehearsal is being held in Clayton just west of Forest Park so we would like to find a place about a 15-20 minutes drive from there.  (Prefferably not Italian because the reception is at Kemoll's on top of the Met.)  We have a caterer so all we need is an actual place.  We looked in parks around the area but everything needs to be cleaned up and out of the park by 10p which means the actual dinner can only last 2 hours at the absolute longest and it would have to be rushed.Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Help!

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    edited December 2011
    Lucy, I LOVED Third Degree Glass Factory!  It would be exactly what we're looking for if we had a bigger budget. 
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