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I have had to find myself a new photographer. A friend of my fiance was originally going to do our photos. I had been given the assumption she wasn't going to charge us anything but cost. I was then informed that she costs $300 for starters. Well after meeting with her and discussing the day she emailed me a coupled days later saying it would cost me about $910 this is supposed to be a friend of my fiance.  I told my fiance we are being charged the same price as some stranger off the street calling her up. I was like you have got to be kidding me. Well she wasn't really doing me the favor anymore. . . soooooI found Rebekah Wright Photography on the knot. Love her photos, love the price. . . was wondering if anyone had went with her and had any photos or stories to share!Thanks

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    We looked into using her and really liked her work. I didnt like the extra cost for the 2nd photographer though so we went with i Kandi Photography. They have 2 photographers which you are not charged for since they are a Husband/Wife team and their work is amazing. They can pretty much do any style. That sucks that you had to deal with the Photographer drama! It probably worked out for the better! Good luck!
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    Rebekah shot our wedding this summer.  She is very good to work with; very unobtrusive to the wedding day and very nice.  We knew her during college, and some friends reminded us of her when we were looking for a wedding photographer.  She takes great shots and has a very creative eye.  We would highly recommend her.  There's tons of photos on her website rebekahwright.com.  If you go to the preview section, you can see all the shots she takes from each session.  We are Meg and King.Good luck!
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