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Need ideas for pictures in Waterloo, IL

Hey ladies, I need some help from my IL brides. I'm getting married at the Lakes in Waterloo which is right off of Lakeview Dr. We have a few ideas on where to get some pictures done but I would like some other input. We obviously have the Lakes themself and my one aunt was thinking of driving down to Mayestown (spelling). I really like old historic districs and would liek to get a few down there. If you have any ideas please let me know!! Thanks so much!!

Re: Need ideas for pictures in Waterloo, IL

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    I too will be getting Married in Waterloo.  We live in Valmeyer.  We travel down in the bluffs to get to work and get home, and it's beautiful out there.  We were thinking of taking our pictures in the fields, and probably up in the hills.  There's this olden church up high in the hills and there's a path that leads up so we're probably take historic looking pictures up there as well.  Hope this helps.
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