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Hello all! We are getting married on New Year's Eve, 2010, with a guest list of about 100-130. We really want to have the ceremony and reception at a hotel so that our guests won't have to travel around on the holiday and so that they can book rooms at the hotel for after the party if they want to. We are pretty flexible about our radius, if the price is right. We've looked at the Doubletree in Collinsville, but their ballroom is $12,000 to rent (WAAAAYYY out of budget!), and we have also looked at the Rend Lake Resort in Mt. Vernon, which has a reasonable rental price, but insist on a $2,000 minimum food purchase, which is A LOT for our appetizer-only reception and small guest list. Does anyone have any suggestions for hotels in the area that we can look at? We are really wanting a more clean-cut, modern type of venue (as opposed to a more rustic lodge-type), but we are really willing to look at anything!Thanks so much!

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    Did you check into what they include in their minimum food price?  If they include the cake (or whatever dessert you are choosing) as well, that might be an option.  I don't have any suggestions for hotels, just wondered if they were including anything besides just dinner type foods in their minimum.  Otherwise, just hope your guests are hungry and go with the place you already know you like.  LoL  If it's a New Years Eve wedding, you already know it's going to go late, so more food might be just the way to go.
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    I probably should have mentioned that it is tradition in my family for the bride's mother to make the cake, so we won't be needing our venue or a bakery to provide one. So ya, we might just have to hope that the guests are hungry!
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    Have you checked out Andre's catering at the Festus Holiday Inn (now called Best Western, I think)?  Andre's offers cheap prices and the hotel has two nice rooms for receptions & they have a low rental fee, plus I think you get a discount on rooms if you do the reception there.
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