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November Wedding Ideas??

I am in need of wedding ideas for a middle of November wedding. We had intended of having an October wedding but it got pushed to November. I need suggestions for colors and decor. Anything would be helpful! Thanks!

Re: November Wedding Ideas??

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    Well, what did you have in mind when you were planning on the October wedding? November is only a month later. What do you think of the whole "fall theme"? I would be taking advatage of all the beautiful fall colors: oranges, yellows, and shades of red. Love it!
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    You honestly can do any colors that you want to do. But if you want to use the fall themes, use nature as your color wheel.  Trees have turned red, yellow, orange and gold.  Stay with the rustic and natural colors if you want to carry that color theme.It did seem that in October hot pink was the color for alot of the brides chose.
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