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In search of a church

Does anyone have any recommendations for a church to hold our wedding at in March in mid-county or south St. Louis that doesn't cost a fortune? I'm getting a bit freaked out about this and have run out of ideas on my own. Thanks!!

Re: In search of a church

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    We had the same problem.  We finally decided on Unity Christ Church.  It's a very plain church but it holds about 300 people or more and they have very few rules about your ceremony.  I believe for us to rent the church it's about $525 and that includes a sound tech and a wedding coordinator.  If you use their clergy, I think it's $100 more. It's located across from Wash U and Forest Park so it may not be in the area you're looking for but it's a fairly cheap option.
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    it depends i am getting married in may at st bernadettes catholic church it is is south county near 255 and telegraph. its located in Jefferson Barracks park, there is no set fee amount they only ask that you make a donation to the church..the only other "downside" is at least one person has to be catholic, its a small church but holds more than people than yu would think and has a balcony for extra seating or can be used for another angle on pictures during your wedding.
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    I had the same problem... I did a google search for churches in the area that I was getting married in.  I contacted over 20 churches and only a few said they would marry us being non-members.  I found a church in Pevely, Jefferson County (First Baptist Herculaneum - Pevely) and a couple in the Bridgeton / Maryland Heights area.  Most of the churches had a fee of $350 or less to use them. I recommend just doing a search for churches in the area you want and start calling / e-mailing them.  It only took me 1 week to find a church for my May wedding.
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    Thanks so much - I've found quite a few churches that would allow us to hold the wedding there, but the cost for the church alone has been over $1,300. Catholic churches aren't an option because my FI has been married before and has not received an annulment from the Church. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    It's probably not as cheap you're looking for, but Wash U has a non-denominational chapel called Graham chapel. Here is a link to the info:http://www.eventservices.wustl.edu/information/wedding/wedding.php
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    UMSL has a church & its Beautiful I wanted it but it was booked But I am using the 2nd Pres CHurch in the CWE....try those
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    I have booked the Old Town Wedding Chapel in Florissant Mo. It was $106 down to hold date, but total cost is only $265 for chapel and minister. You can add on options. If you want the complete package which comes with minister, organist, candelabras, aisle runner, aisle candles (10), unity candle, and rehearsal is $550. You will have to rent an arch on your own if you plan on having one. The chapel holds 150 and no standing room.

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