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Missouri-St Louis

Help Ladies!! Out of town bride trying to plan St Louis Wedding!

I am on a strict budget! Like I'm trying not to spend over $2,000 on the whole thing! I probably won't even get a real photographer. I'd like to but they are EXPENSIVE!!!! So I need some suggestions, and reccomendations? Outdoor Ceremony sites? Any CHEAP Photographers? Reception site? I would really like the reception and ceremony at the same place for a cheap cost. Thinking about a park or something like that...... I have no clue where to start.... I am from Marshall, MO my FI is from IL so we needed somewhere in the middle....St Louis has a variety of options and thats why I chose it but I don't know where to start. Please help ladies! All Advice would be lovely!

I want an outdoor wedding, Colors are Palm Beach Coral, Cornflower Blue, and Butter or Canary Yellow!
If necessary decorations will probably be done DIY! so that i can save money there, plus make it all with love,

Re: Help Ladies!! Out of town bride trying to plan St Louis Wedding!

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    Yikes!  Man that's a small budget.  You're right about the photography.  You might want to try local community colleges (Lewis & Clark, St. Louis, St. Charles, ect) and ask the photography majors if any of them would want to for free or minimum cost.  Location: I would also try a park.  Look for one that has big pavilions.  Creve Couer Park is a good start.  They have a lake beach that would make for a pretty ceremony.  Also go to St. Louis County Parks & Rec for more help.  I don't know how you can get a caterer for less than $2,000 alone.  Maybe have a cake ceremony.  Consider Sunday or Fridays if you have to rent locations.  They are cheaper, and if you do a day wedding/reception that will be cheaper too.  Good luck!

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    I found that recreation centers have very nice rooms for an affordable price.  Just look at different cities (shrewsberry, maryland heights, for example).  As far as parks go - you can go to the St. Louis County Parks website and it will give you a list of parks and what is available.  You can do the same for the city of St. Louis.  Tower Grove Park in the city is beautiful and has a gazebbo w/ benches that is used for outdoor weddings a lot.

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    I wouldn't cancel out not calling photographers. Its your big day and when all is done pictures, memories and your new husband is all thats left from the day.  A lot of photographers are offering shoot and burn by the hours, especially if you have it on a friday. I ending up doing a package like that, cause I can always pay of an album later with wedding money.
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    Check out Bridgeton Community Center, I'm not sure of the rates for non-residents, but they aren't that expensive and you could probably do the ceremony at the park just outside and then head inside for a reception.  Check Andre's catering for food.... they quoted me like $8 per person for a catered dinner... but like ppl said, you may just want to do a punch & cake reception depending on the size of your guest list.  You could also book a church and use their recreation area for a cheaper reception.  For photography, check local schools as mentioned, craigslist for up & coming people... we did our e-pics with a girl who is just starting out, they were not great, but if you are on a tight budget you could try her.  http://hesselphotography.blogspot.com/ However, IMHO photography is important b/c that will be your only "keepsake" to remember the day for years to come.  At the very least, you could buy a few cheaper digital cameras and ask your friends/family to take shots for you.

    Also check out stlwed.com there are a lot of great tips there.
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    Forest Park and Tower Grove Park are pretty locations. 
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