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Two questions- Cake and Rehearsal Dinner?

Ladies! I'm planning my November 2010 wedding in St.Louis from Denver so I'd love reccomendations so I don't have to run all over the place searching. The groom and I are both originally from Missouri, and all of my family lives in St.Louis- hence the location.

What advice do you have re: cake? I want something simple, that tastes amazing.

Also, we were thing of Faratto's for a rehearsal dinner, but it seems that'll be too much $. Anyone have any suggestions in the Kirkwood/Webster area?

Thank you!!

Re: Two questions- Cake and Rehearsal Dinner?

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    Wedding Wonderland has awesome tasting cakes!  I wasn't crazy about Harter's cake at a recent wedding & McArthur's was just OK IMHO.  We are getting our cake from Wedding Wonderland (you can see some designs on their site) and they offer free tastings on Saturdays... so if you are ever in town stop by there, or send a relative.
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    I am using Sugaree for my cake. Pat is such a delight to work with, and she only use natural ingredients. Another good one is the Cakery.
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    We are getting our cake from McArthur's Bakery. They have the best tasting cakes! It is a family owned business and their prices are decent.

    I am not real familiar with the Webster/Kirkwood area, so I can't give you any suggestions there.
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    Lubeley's made my cake and it was heavenly!  

    As far as rehearsal dinner goes, what is your price range?  Massa's in Kirkwood is our family's favorite, but you could go more casual and do pizza at Dewey's.  
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    We just did a to-go tasting from Sugaree and Cravings (in Webster).  I am not a cake fan, and wanted to just do cheesecake, but agreed to try some cake places first.  Sugaree was so disappointing, but the Cravings cake was amazing!!  So light-it was delicious.  Hope that helps.
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    Hank's Cheesecake!  It was yummy and a bit different!
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    Harter Bakery was our bakery--super yummy, though the Cakery and Luebely's are great too.  Check out saucemagazine.com for a rehearsal dinner venue.  You can do a restaurant search based on location, price, private room, etc., and there are usually very honest reviews.
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