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Ceremony Site West County & Photographer Needed

First I am having the hardest time trying to find a ceremony site that is not expensive, indoors, and more out West.  We are having a pastor marry us, so it cannot be in the Catholic church. 
Also, I am trying to find a good photographer that is not too expensive as well, but still does good work.  I feel like every photgrapher I have been referred to charges and arm and a leg. 
Any suggestions would be helpful.  I'm a bride on a budget, just trying to make things work!

Re: Ceremony Site West County & Photographer Needed

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    For photography, I would recommend Darin Hart of DearHeart Photography. He is a professional photographer who works for a studio in O'Fallon MO. However, he LOVES weddings and does about 70 a year on the side!! He only works through recommendations...I heard about him from my friend who is using him in a few weeks at her wedding and she heard about him and saw great photos from one of her friends!

    For us, he will come to the salon for the getting ready photos, for us the ceremony/reception site are the same, so he will stay there until he gets a few candids of everyone dancing! :) All for $900! He is giving us an 11x18 print as well. We get all proofs in an album and we get all images on a high-res DVD after we put in an order with him for any amount we want, so it could be pretty small.

    Here is his website: http://www.dearhartphoto.com/home/Home.html

    Hope this helps!!!
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    Inexpensive is kind of subjective -- what kind of price points are we talking?
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    A friend of mine used St. Louis Color (http://stlouiscolor.com/) they have many different photographers and work with all budgets. They do great work.

    Happy Wedding planning!
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    My photographers name is Kacie Singleton...she allowed me to build my own package to my price point and has been  very accomodating thus far. Her prices are FANTASTIC and the work is AMAZING! She is located in O'Fallon, MO and covers all of st. Louis areas
    if you would like her number and information let me know I can send it to you
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    Artisan Photography is in Ballwin and he is  just AWESOME.  He's not a budget photographer, but does great work and also has an assistant you can hire if you don't want to spend as much money.  You could also try AEphoto - they are in O'Fallon, IL but will travel, and they offer lower price packages starting at $950 with add ons available, so you can make your own package.
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    Hi, I read your post and I know somone who cand do your wedding for the right n reasonable price

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