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August 2013 Weddings

bummed - dress related rant

Hey Ladies, so you might remember how excited I was (AM!) about finding my dress... well I recently looked at pictures of my fiance's cousin's wedding, which happened last May. Her dress is REALLY similar to mine... as in almost identical...but not. The style is the same but I think mine has a bit more bling. 
Of course when I went shopping in September I had completely forgotten what her dress looked like. I am in love with mine and obviously I'm still going to wear it but I'm a little bummed that she and lots of their family members will remember hers and know mine is SO similar : /
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Re: bummed - dress related rant

  • Aw that's a drag but good for you for sticking with the dress anyway! Look at it as great minds think alike...
  • That kinda sucks, but honestly only her close family members will probably remember what her dress looked like. Weddings I went to last year I have no idea what the bride wore. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  • That is a bummer. But I agree with the PP. Not to many people are going to remember what her dress looked like! Don't let it get you down, it just means that it must be a pretty great dress!
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  • I certainly wouldn't let it bother you, just like the other girls said - unless you are in the bridal party and helped with the dress search, it is unlikely guests will remember! Keep your head up - you love the dress! =)
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  • I'm sure you will wear yours with unique flair to you, and no one will even think of it!
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  • thanks girls it makes me feel a little better.. I mean I know I completely forgot what hers looked like and now our wedding is still over 7 months away so maybe more people will forget lol
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  • I'm sure you'll look completely stunning and original in your dress. at the end of the day, most wedding dresses are pretty similar and all people remember is that you wore a long white dress and looked really happy :)
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