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I really need this color input!

Would a Teal (Jade) and Dark Purple (Grape) wedding be okay in the Spring? There would be Ivory mixed in to tone things down. I really love the Peacock color theme. There would also be a touch of greenery here and there as well.

Thanks so much!

Re: I really need this color input!

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    I personally LOVE those colors together!  I'm doing a lilac/lavender shade, abd considered including a teal/turquoise, but decided against it because I felt it looked a little too "mardi gras"

    I think if you found just the right shades of teal, it would work without seeming like that =]
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    I love this color option!  This was at the top of my list of possibilities, but I chose to do somehting slightly different.  I'm sure it will be beautiful.
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    I would be really careful with this. Peacock is really trendy right now, but if you don't do it right, you risk looking like an 80's disaster.  I wonder if teal with black accents and peacock feathers / slight hints or purple may give you more what you are looking for?  Good luck!!!
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