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I desperately need your help!

hi ladies!  happy wedding planning - i hope things are going well! i 'm actually posting to ask a favor.  my cousin candace, and her fiance, matt, were selected as one of the four finalist couples for Y98's mega wedding.  i know you are all crazy busy with your own weddings, but if you could take a minute or two and head over to http://y98.com/pages/6064643.php to vote for my cousin, I would SO appreciate it!  they met while working at the st. louis zoo, and they are an all around great couple.  voting online is unlimited at the website above, or you can text "couple1" to 59898 up to ten times a day.  voting ends on sunday, january 17, at 9pm, so we are running out of time.  please help their dreams come true!  thanks so much for your time, and best of luck as you plan your big day!

Re: I desperately need your help!

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    Isn't this the couple that I have been seeing signs and a billboard for?  Nothing against your cousin, but if someone can afford to have advertising made up, I think they can afford to do a pretty jim dandy wedding all on their own.  'shrug'  That's just my measley opinion.  LoL
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