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Inexpensive Reception Venue - HELP!

So my fiance' and I do NOT want to have our wedding reception at an ugly banquet center.  Unfortunately, our parents are pushing us to have it there to keep costs down.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a reception venue that is NOT a banquet center that will cost between $5,000 - $6,000?  THANKS!!

Re: Inexpensive Reception Venue - HELP!

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    How many people and what time of year?

    I'm using the Magic Chef Mansion for my wedding and reception.  Very unique and very cool, but if the weather isn't good it would be a bit cramped inside for any more than about 100 people.  You can, however, put up a tent for more shelter if you want.

    We also looked at LaLumondiere Rivergarden & Mill (I'm not sure if that name is exactly right, but it's probably close enough to google).  It's another really awesome place, but again it's mostly outdoors and if it's cold or raining it would be a real issue.  The Mill doesn't really have the space to put a tent up either.

    The Mansion is $250/hour and the Mill is $2500 flat rate.  Both places do NOT provide tables/chairs/caterer or basically anything so you'd be on your own for everything.  Bonus to that is you aren't restricted in the caterer selection and you are allowed to provide your own alcohol and bartender, which is a huge savings for us (plus we are having Pappy's BBQ cater - Yum!!).

    Other than that, most parks and museums are rentable.  For example, the Butterfly House, World's Fair Pavilion, City Museum, Kemp Auto Museum, etc.

    As far as I know, all these places are under 6K, but it all depends on how many people you are inviting and the caterer you pick.

    Good Luck! :)
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    Thanks for the information!!  We're looking at about 125 people for next fall.  I'll have to check those spaces out!! :)
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    You could have it at the ballroom of the Roberts Mayfair hotel- there's no rental fee if you meet a $5k min on food and drinks and it seats 125.
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    A friend of mine was married at the Foundry Arts Center in St. Charles and while it wasn't quite my style, it's much prettier than a banquet hall and it was well priced. Definitely worth looking into.

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    I 2d the Magic Chef Mansion.  I am getting married there as well, and I find them very accomadating.  You can have an inexpensive wedding there or a really expensive wedding.  It is up to what you choose which is what I liked about them.
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    I am getting married at the Norman Probstien golf course in Forest Park. We are off season and our contract is $6000 for 125 people.  So far they have been wonderful.
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    I am getting married at the Oakland House in Affton. Very affordable. 
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    I know exactly what you mean!! My Mom, is paying for everything and while I'd prefer a SMALL gathering, my fiance and her want it to include everyone. She rented the Maryland Heights Center Ballroom... I can't stand the outside of the building... but the ballroom is large and could accommodate a large party. There's a stage, where the bridal party will stage, and MHC will put in a dance floor. Free reign on caters and bar services. My fiance wants Pappy's BBQ as well!! MHC doesn't allow you to charge for alcohol, since they don't have a liquer license, my guess, but you can have a tip jar, to recoup what you've spent. ALSO... it's under 1200, I think, from say, 2-11pm ... that's just one of the options.  Originall, I was hoping to keep everything on Main St St. Charles. We're getting married at The Conservatory, but nothing is big enough (100-125). I'd love to have our reception someplace, but, for the price and all the things we're able to do at MHC, I don't think there's anything out there, close enough, to The Conservatory. I shouldn't care about the "looks" but I am in [some right] to be cautious of what other's think??
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    lionsmeow:  It's perfectly normal to be concerned with what others think.  For the most part, the majority of people DO want your day to be wonderful and special, but occasionally there may be some that are not looking out for your best interest.  Ultimately, it is YOUR day and if there is something you really want, and it's within reason, stand up for it!!  I know my fiance' and I have personally had to deal with this from some of our own family members.  As long as you keep a cool head and calmly discuss things, you can get everyone on the same page with you.  Don't be afraid to stand up for what you want!!  You want to look back on your day 10 years from now and not have any regrets. :)
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    oosunburstoo when you had your wedding at the mansion, could you eat inside? were there places to sit? would you only need tables/chairs for the outside?
  • Thank you so much, I was looking for the same thing.
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