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Spazios near Westport and Russo Catering

Has anyone been to a reception at Spazios or the Graphic Arts Banquet Center that is operated by Russo Catering?  What did you think and were they easy to work with?

Re: Spazios near Westport and Russo Catering

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    I was at a reception at Spazios in august for my fiances cousin. it was pretty, however it is very small or atleast the room we were in, they did not have a lot of guest or anything so it was ok. The food was good but it was a little too "high class" for me. i dont really like all that extra fancy stuff that no one can pronounce. but overall it was pretty and nice as long as your not having probably more than 75-100 people which could be pushing it.
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    I have not been to a reception there, but looked into it for mine.  We met with someone at Graphic Arts and she was great.  Willing to help you out, their packages were nice, and it was a nice place.  I've eaten at Spazio several times and their food is great, so I would imagine Russo's Catering is pretty good.  Neither place are super fancy, so it depends on what you're looking for.
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    My friend had her reception at Spazios.  The food was really good, the bar had a lot of options, and everything went smoothly.  She loved working with the people at Spazios.She had about 200 people and the room was full, but not overcrowded.  I doubt you could fit many more than 200 in the room.   Another friend had Russo's Catering at her reception, and she had hte buffet.  That food was alright, but not fantastic.
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    My reception was at Spazio.  We had about 200 guests and had a sit down dinner.  We used the Bistro for the bar and dancing and our dinner was held in the ballroom.  The food was wonderful and our cake was the best wedding cake I have ever had (although I may be a little biasedSmile).  Having our reception at Spazio was one of the best wedding choices my DH and I made.  Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had at our reception.

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