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Bridesmaids Shoes

Okay ladies, I need a little help and possibly to vent as well (I'll make it short though). My bridesmaids are driving me crazy. The simple task of picking out a shoe for them to wear has become a ridiculous hassle. Here's the situation. I have 6 bridesmaids all wearing cocktail length, deep purple dresses from the Dessy Group (the color is majestic). My wedding is at the end of October so I wanted to go with a shoe that will cover their feet a bit more than the strappy look that so many bridesmaids wear, so I thought a pump or peep-toe shoe would be cute. I also wanted to go with a nude color since it will naturally elongate their legs and can be worn more than once. Sounds nice right? You'd think...

All of them are complaining about something (price, heel height, etc.) and the only thing that I really want to know is - do you think a nude, platform peep-toe pump would look good with a deep purple dress and is it appropriate for a wedding (is it formal enough)? Most of the nude pumps I've found are patent leather with a heel equal to or exceeding 4 inches (most of my girls are short). It seems that platforms are everywhere. My wedding insn't extremely formal but it's not casual either. Please let me know what you think. I swear you won't hurt my feelings - I just want an unbiased opinion.

Thanks for the help!

Re: Bridesmaids Shoes

  • aragx6aragx6 member
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    edited December 2011
    Nude heels will go well, as would black. But while I think as a bridesmaid it's totally reasonable to be expected to pay for a dress, I do not expect to pay for an additional pair of shoes or a wedding day hair-do. If having those things match perfectly is important to you, you should pony up the cash for it. Otherwise, I would tell them they can just wear any pair of black heels (which would also look lovely with the purple I am sure) and call it a day.
  • rweiss07rweiss07 member
    edited December 2011
    It was important to me that my girls had matching shoes, I ended up finding them on Target.com for $6.50 a pair so I bought them myself   a few did comlain about the heal height but i just said  FREE every time they complained   I only had them wear them for the ceremony too  and for a few pics  then we took a really funny one of them all throwing them at me  since most of them hated their free shoes  - but they looked great with the dresses
  • bridetobemobridetobemo member
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    edited December 2011
    This is exactly why the only requirement I had for my ladies shoes was that they be silver, obviously with one of my bridesmaids being 6'2" and the other one being 8 months pregnant, matching shoes for totally different feet wasnt really an option, why dont you just require a color of shoe and let them pick the style they are comfortable with, I'm not sure how many they would be able to find in nude but they would definitely be able to find a style they like in black, and black would be more formal and would look amazing with the dress color as well!
  • SaraRose1124SaraRose1124 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm doing the same as PP said and just letting the girls pick out the shoes they want in a color I choose.  I know I'm not a high heel girl and I would like to be able to pick shoes that I feel I can actually walk and stand in all day.
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