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rehearsal dinner location in North County

Does anyone know of a location in North County/Florissant  where my fiance and I can have our rehearsal dinner for 75 people.  I looked at the lodge at Sunset Park at Humes and Shackelford and it's really nice but it's $400 to rent with a $300 deposit so it's $700 but we eventually get $300 back.  That's a little expensive for such a small venue.  I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of where to have the rehearsal.  I would be willing to rent a hall and have it catered out or go to a restaurant and eat there but it has to hold 75 people.

Re: rehearsal dinner location in North County

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    Check the Nature Lodge. Call city hall and ask, I'm not sure how expensive it is but my fiance went to a rehearsal dinner there and he said it was pretty cool and it is large, it would definately fit your party. They got food catered from Cugino's. On the same note, don't know if you have ever been to Cugino's(off Lindbergh by New Florissant) but they have a basement hall  they rent out all the time. There is always Yac's too, they have good food and pretty large rooms that would hold your party.
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    We looked at the Nature Lodge because it is right behind my house but it's $400 with a $300 refundable deposit.  It's really nice but a bit pricey.  We are looking at the basement of my church but it's not looking promising.  Thanks for the Cugino's recoomendation.  I am going to call them and see how many their basement holds.
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    Thank you SO much for the cugino's recommendation. We are actually going with them for the rehearsal dinner there and I am so excited about it.  Their food is so yummy!
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    Just cheked back, no problem. Glad I could help!
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