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Boudoir Pics

Has anyone done this new style of pictures for your future husband's wedding gift?? I am thinking about doing it but haven't any idea of a good priced photographer (that specializes in it)?? Any suggestions?

Re: Boudoir Pics

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    I am doing them!  Very excited about them!!!  At first I was hearing from photographers, yes I can do them.  And, then when I heard, I enjoy doing them and we usually do these things...I knew I had found a photographer I could trust.  I am using livelaughlovefotography.com  They are really great!  Two ladies that are best friends that shoot together when they aren't working full time or being a full time mom.  You could use them for your entire wedding-which is what I am doing!!!  Or you, could just use them for the boudoir pics.  Their prices are really reasonable!  They have a lot of ideas, but encourage you to bring your ideas too!  I am getting them done in January, so if you haven't by then, I can tell you how it goes.  But, I am excited just after talking to them about the shoot! 
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    I did mine after the wedding- I'm giving them to H for our 1st Anniversary (traditional gift is paper- so he's getting a photobook with pictures).

    I used someone locally in DC (Tait Boudoir), but I almost did them before the wedding with St. Louis Boudoir ( http://www.stlboudoir.com/ ).  I really like the style and when I met with the photographers (women) I felt completely at ease.  Their prices were really reasonable as well, and they have full service hair and makeup, plus do full body airbrushing (I do not pretend my body is perfect, but I'd totally love for it to look that way).  

    Do you have ideas on things you want to do?  I did H's favorite sports team jersey, a blue outfit, a black outfit, and a bra/ garter set.  
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    I haven't done the boudior pics, but my photographer does them. It's LPhotographie and I believe they charge 500 dollars and that includes a mini album. The company is all women and they just did the cover shoot for the new issue of St. Louis Bride Magazine, they are very talented women. Hope that helps! :)
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    I have friends who are photographers who would love to shoot this for you. My friend Steve shoots pictures like this all the time for free, provided you let him use some in his portfolio too. He'll come to your house or you can go to his studio downtown. His website is www.totallynotvanilla.com and tell him Tracy sent you!
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    There is a hot boudoir deal on Living Social for $99. It's the deal of the day.

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    Hi!  I specialize in Couture Boudoir photography in the St. Louis area.  I would love for you to check out my website and see if we would be a good fit to work together.  I absolutely love what I do and am confident you will too.

    Emily of Chatelaine Boudoir Photography
    [email protected]
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    Emily...you should know that these boards are not for vendors and you will probably be asked not to leave your information on the boards.
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