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Missouri-St Louis


I used SOSDJs on Oct 9th, 2010.  They were terrible!  Read below!
I have made a claim with the BBB, but don't think anything will be done.

I am dissatisfied with the service SOSDJs provided. I tried my hardest to have a good time, but my reception was a disaster. My family members continue calling, explaining how beautiful I looked, but how the DJ was appalling.


-The wedding party arrived, and the DJ announced the Best Man and Maid of Honor as "Mr. and Mrs. Mueth."  Then he corrected himself. Now, here's Mr. and Mrs. Mueth. I specifically asked him to announce "Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Jennifer Mueth.

-Speaker issues. He said it was a wire issue. He claimed to have fixed it. It was out all night.

-Weddings tend to go in a specific order. He pretty much slopped things together. Not the order I requested.

-The DJ played the wrong song for the mother son dance as well. He began playing the wrong song, then as I began approaching the DJ table, realized it and quickly, and obviously changed the song. Very unprofessional.

-The music did NOT flow. Songs would end, then silence. He would play a song, quickly switch to a new song, and switch again, all before songs would end. Why not fade out and make it less noticeable?

-I specifically requested in my submission through the wizard, NO Bouquet Toss!  I wanted to surprise my mom and play Somebody's Hero. He played "put a ring on it" and asked the single ladies to get on the dance floor. I asked where my song was, since we had just discussed this. He said "You didn't put it in the Wizard."  It was the 1st song on the wizard list in his hand. I finally agreed to do the bouquet toss, then he found my song. He quickly played my song. In the middle of me tossing my bouquet!  So I had to stop, ask the ladies to sit down, find my mom, and explain things to her. He made this special moment an utter failure.

-I used SOSDJs based on the fact that "And to make sure that the excitement of your special day lasts even after you've danced away the night, you are also provided with a complimentary CD copy of all of your music requests, as SOSDJs' gift to you. SOSDJs' entertainment and efficiency is unparalleled across the nation…  and SOSDJs will take your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary."  This IS NOT what I received. This was supposed to be "the most memorable day of my life."  It is, but not b/c of the DJ. Because I was forced to fake a smile and force back tears during MY reception. I did not receive the CD either.

-I hired SOSDJs, because "At SOSDJS we maintain high goals of excellence. We believe that providing state of the art sound, cutting-edge music and fun personalities is only half the job. Helping clients in advance with the details of their function, and having an office staff always on hand to serve is the other half."  The sound was awful. He did not stick to my music selection. What personality?  We couldn't hear him.

-They claim to "thank the guests for their requests and their participation."  My uncle came up to the DJ and told him NO ONE is dancing. He needed to choose from my list and spice it up. My uncle then asked to request a song and was told, "I CANNOT accept requests!"  Are you kidding me?  He told several guests no requests. That is the point of a DJ, to make requests.

-"Personalize the event" All he did was make it dreadful, for everyone in attendance.

-I was told the DJ would be wearing a Tuxedo. He was wearing dress pants and a tie. No tux.

-"All St Louis DJs sound systems are checked and certified "Ready to Play" one day prior to event."  It did not work. "In the unlikely event of equipment failure on site, our DJs sound systems have key replacement parts. These parts may include; speaker parts, fuses for amps, back up CD player, back-up mixer."

-The dinner music was so loud that we could not "mingle" with our guests.

-I understand from the website that I will receive a CD of music I submitted on the Wizard. When do I get my CDs?


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    I had a bad experience with a different DJ but my wedding was still the happiest day of my life.  The day is what you make of it- no matter the other circumstance.

    You can't expect every service provider to be 100% unless you try them out.  Even then, things happen.

    We didn't have recessional music because of an "equipment error", our DJ for some reason thought "P*ssy Control" was an acceptable song for our playlist, messed up both the father daughter and mother son dances, played every song on our "do not play list", and started closing down 30 min before our reception was over.

    This was reflected in his gratuity and that was the end of it.  People still laugh at the fact that my grandma was dancing up until "P*ssy Control" was put on and then she "retired" for the evening, but you know, at the end of the day, you're still married.  And if you married the right person, that is all that matters.

    You filed the BBB complaint, you've done all you can.  Now, just let the situation resolve itself and focus on the happier memories of your day.
    White Knot
    Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot
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