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Hotel Welcome Bag Question

Hi- I am from New Orleans, and getting married there, but my Fiance is from STL. I'm looking for something to put in the hotel welcome bags that represents St. Louis? I'm not familiar with enough traditions to know what STL items I could add.

Thanks in Advance!

Re: Hotel Welcome Bag Question

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    check out the website www.goodiesforguests.com You can get gift bags starting at $12 or just use it for some ideas!
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    The website pp gave has a good list of STL items.  Definitely gooey butter cake (you can get it from many STL bakeries).  It's an STL specialty and delicious!  If you would rather make it yourself instead of having it shipped to NOLA, email me and I'll give you the recipe.  The other thing that came to mind that would be good in hotel bag would be Fitz's soda.  They come in glass bottles and are a little retro feeling.  The Orange Creme flavor is really good.  It's sold in STL grocery stores- I'm not sure about if you can get it shipped to you.
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    Oh- my email is my username (at)hotmail(dot)com
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    Thank you both so much!
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    Also, Anheuser Busch Brewery is here in STL...we're putting Fitz's soda in those family members who don't drink, and those that do, will receive some beer. Also, there is Gus's pretzels and Dad's oatmeal cookies that you can look into as well.
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    We did gooey butter cakes, Fitz's sodas, Bud Select Bottles, Gus's Preztels, Mrs. Richardson's Hot Fudge (what they use at Ted Drewes!), and little erasers in the shape of the arch + 1 STL postcard, and a welcome note in each of our bags.   Oh, and Advil, a disposable camera, and sunscreen towelettes.
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    Gooey Louie on Chippewa makes cute single gooey butter cakes that would be great for baskets (if you don't want to bake yourself- although it is an easy recipe!).
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    I'm so glad you posted this question. I'm from Baton Rouge, LA and we're having the wedding in Baton Rouge so I've been looking for items for the guest bags as well.

    Will you be incorporating anything St.Louis related into the reception? I've been trying to decide that as well.
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    If anyone in St Louis is getting married....check out "Goodies For Guests".
    They have THE CUTEST hospitality goodie boxes I've ever seen. Prices seem very reasonable and they deliver to hotels! Wow!! Makes a brides life easier!
  • Here are some things that are native to St. Louis you may be interested in adding to your welcome bags:

    ~ Candy from Crown Candy (a famous old fashioned ice cream and candy shop in STL that has been featured on shows like Man v. Food)

    ~ Billy Goat Chips (amazing kettle cooked potato chips made in STL you can order them online and they have all different sizes- the 1oz bags would be perfect)

    ~ Bottles of Fitz (manufactured and bottled in STL)

    ~ Gooey butter cake

    Hope this helps!
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