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Outdoor Wedding Reception Out of the Wedding Industrial Complex?

My guy and I are wanting to have a wedding outside of the Wedding Insutrial Complex for a few reasons: (1) we want to bring in our own food, (2) these venues seem so overpriced and (3) I have found that friends can remember at least one wedding they have been to at all of these locations.

Any ideas about where to have a wedding reception in the city or county that is not a part of the wedding industrial complex?  I have heard that the Oakland House in Affton is neat and the Dog Museum is interesting.  

Re: Outdoor Wedding Reception Out of the Wedding Industrial Complex?

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    The Magic Chef Mansion is really cool and different and I believe you can bring your own food there.
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    Second the Magic Chef Mansion.

    It's a very neat location. The mansion itself has lots of oddities and they have an outdoor patio and yard (I imagine you could get married out there). They also have an outbuilding that is good for dancing.

    And right. I'm 90% sure you can bring your own food.
    Actually, I want to say they even have BBQ grills on site if you want to go down that path.
  • Thank you ladies!  Great idea!

  • I would NOT use the Oakland House in Affton, as I found out 7 weeks before my wedding that they had double booked the venue and I had to find somewhere else to get married.
  • Seriously???  That is awful!  That is second thing I have heard about the Oakland House that is less than stellar.  You would think for the money they charge for the place (after you add in all of their extras), you wouldn't have those problems...

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