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HELP on ceremony location


Okay, so I just booked my wedding reception for Quail Ridge Lodge on October 12, 2013. 

Now I need a ceremony site.  We do have the option of having the wedding in a small gazebo behing the lodge, but I really wanted to have the ceremony and reception at different locations - I want to have the whole party bus/driving around to take pictures experience. 

I originally wanted to use a church - but we are not members anywhere and I have not been able to find one that marries non-members.  I would like to have the ceremony indoors... I'm not the type of person that could handle last minute change of plans if it rained.  Any suggestions for possible lcoations??? 

Re: HELP on ceremony location

  • It's much kinder for your guests to do it all in one location. If you want to do the party bus thing you should do pictures before your wedding. Then you don't have to have a gap or miss your cocktail hour! Once you think about timing I think you might just realize how much easier an all inclusive venue really is!
  • I actually don't plan on having a cocktail hour - every wedding I've ever been to has had a 1-2 hour gap between the wedding and the reception, where the guests can do their own thing for awhile, and the bridal party spends some time together, takes photos, and has fun on the bus.  I guess I thought this was normal?... maybe it isn't. I definitely don't want to do pictures before... I wouldn't have my ring yet!  :)
  • Check out the Old Peace Chapel in Defiance. It is such a cute little place that seats 100 people. The only bad thing is that it is about 30 mins away from Quail Ridge. 

    You may also want to check out Dardenne Presbyterian Church because last time I checked, they allow for nonmembers to get married there. The church is also a little bit closer to the park than the Old Peace Chapel.

    Hope this helps!
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    Gaps tend to be "normal" in the St. Louis area because of Catholic weddings. Most guests hate them and there's no good reason for them. The best weddings I've attended as a guest are the ones with a fluid timeline. It's just something worth thinking about given that you've had trouble finding a church.
  • The conservatory in st Charles looks beautiful online...
  • I LOVE the conservatory... it's way out of our price range though! 

    I looked at Unity Church... unfortunately they don't hold enough people - but they were able to recommend a Christian church in New Town that marries non-members.  We booked it yesterday! yay  :)  THANK YOU!

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