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I have just started the process of planning my wedding and I am trying to find a nice but reasoable banquet hall that will alow me to have my ceremony and reception in n spot, it ust have a kitchen and allow alcohol to be bought into the building, i will provide my own decor, music,food, and etc. Can anyone help me please!!!!!!!!!

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  • I'm not sure if you will find that... I know of places you can do both in one spot but not bring in alcohol or food and places you can do just the reception and bring in food and alcohol.
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  • Check out Quail Ridge Lodge in Wentzville. You pay a flat fee to rent the facility for the day and you can do pretty much whatever you want as far as food/liquor. 
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    Mahler Ballroom in CWE you can do ceremony and reception.
    They have a kitchen (though it may just be more of a prep room) and allow (well, require) outside catering.
    Alcohol though, I think they need to provide. Thought I'd mention it though since it's 2 out of 3.

    The rental price wasn't too bad for us when we looked at it, but we were looking for a January wedding so it was discounted. So the off-season is a better time to look there maybe.

    They have a staircase which you could walk down during the ceremony. And then this balcolny area that the guests could go for cocktail hour while they flipped the room from ceremony seating to dining.
    There's a private dressing room / bathroom for the bride that was a nice perk. And it was two years ago that I was there so maybe they've changed it, but there's a room downstairs which might be a good place for kids or coats.
  • Hey Leslie,

    There are many places that I can recommend depending on the area that you are wanting it to be in! I am part owner of 6 Degrees Event Planning Company, LLC and have access to many locations that fit these descriptions! Email our company at [email protected] or visit our site at 6degreeseventplanning.com and I will be glad to help you and your groomy out!
  • I was just at my cousins reception at Quail Ridge (they were married in Mexico a month prior)and it is a beautiful venue, the inside has huge windows and a deck off the back and also a gazebo.  The mother of the groom's family did all the food and a friend of theirs served as bartender.  I can't tell you what the rental fee but hopefully this post helps.
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