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Missouri-St Louis

Oliva on the Hill

I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with Oliva?!

We all love it, and although we haven't seen it in person it looks amazing. I know it is kind of expensive but the cost is ok with us, and we love the feel of it.

I was just wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with Olive or Catering St Louis?
Sweetpea Loves Sweetiepie

Re: Oliva on the Hill

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    No experience but we have been checking out venues as well and looked there. (I am out of town and didn't go to the visit but my parents did). They were extremely impressed with it-it has made our top three list despite the higher prices.

    My mom felt that when talking to them, they were not really flexible about what they offer in terms of food selections, time slots, etc (probably because it is in very high-demand and they can hold fast to their rules!).

    But, everyone really liked it. I am probably not going to do my ceremony/reception there because I fear what would happen if it rains (the indoor space is nice but not as nice as the outdoor), the prices are higher than some other places, and they don't have as much flexibility as we'd like but...I think it could be a great choice for many people!
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    I've been emailing the lady the last couple days and she has been really nice. I asked her about the menu and she said they could do whatever we want but it would be more expensive being that it is custom. I've thought about the rain thing too but I'm set on an outdoor wedding. It looks really nice in pictures; what did they say was wrong with the interior? Just wear and tear or other?

    What are your other top 2 places?
    Sweetpea Loves Sweetiepie
  • edited December 2011
    Nothing wrong with the interior but it's just not as nice as the outside, I thought.

    We are looking at City Museum, Squires, and possibly one other place that we have just found and haven't really evaluated the cost compared to the others...still looking for a few ideas though to make sure we've found the right place.

    When we talked with the lady, it didn't seem that the food prices could go lower thn $49 per person. Just depends on your budget I suppose!
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